Water sports in Porto and Northern Portugal


Source: http://www.visitportoandnorth.travel/

Northern Portugal has an abundance of beautiful beaches with increasingly more people visiting the region to practice water sports such as surfing and windsurfing. Discover an alternative way to experience Portugal and a range of unique and exciting events.

Matosinhos has a long sandy beach, including some rocky areas, making it a favorite of local surfers and bodyboarders. It is also frequently visited by sailors and windsurfers.

Canide’s beaches are a great place to sunbath among the tranquillity and beauty of its dunes. The coast of Vila Nova de Gaia is home to the most popular beaches to practice water sports on windy days, particularly surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. What better way to end the day than by savouring the various mouth-watering dishes on offer at the beachside restaurants?

Espinho beach is also another great place to practice water sports with its famous “pipelines” being recognised at international level. The beach regularly hosts the European Championships for Beach Volleyball, Surfing and Bodyboarding.

In case you prefer something slightly less radical, northern Portugal offers plenty of other opportunities to enjoy nautical tourism.

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