Surfing in Greece



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Although some Greek islands provide great surfing conditions, surfing in Greece is not a much developed sports. Windsurfing and kitesurfing are the most usual wind sports around the country, however over the last years Greece surfing is gradually appearing with surfing clubs in specially-selected spots.

In these spots, the wind conditions are great for surfing as summer winds (called meltemia) in Greece are frequent, especially in the afternoon hours. Natural currents on the beaches also make it easy to surf. Moreover, the Greek seas are very safe, with sandy bottom and lack of sharks or other dangerous species.

Surfing clubs in Greece

Here are some nice surfing clubs in Greece that rent the necessary surfing equipment and offers courses for all levels, from kids and beginners to experienced surfers.

Tinos Surf Lessons

Tinos Surf Lessons is based at the beach of Kolymbithra, on the northern side of Tinos island, Cyclades. This is a fantastic surfing spot with sandy sea bottom, summer winds and easy line up current.

Ikaria Surf School

Based on the large and sandy beach of Messakti, on the northern side of Ikaria island, Ikaria Surf School offers surfing and lifeguard courses by experienced instructors. Depending on the weather, the school may also offer sup courses.


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