Success: Isabel Guerra


Professional ID

Contact Center(s): Teleperformance
Project(s): Zenimax
Function/Functions: Customer Service Representative and International Recruiter
Duration: 32 months
Currently: International Recruiter at Teleperformance


Social ID

Birthplace: Covilhã
Hobby: To read and travel
Team: Benfica (but not that much) and Portugal’s National Team (but only when they win) 🙂
Music: Marvin Gaye, Debussy and a thousand more
Movie/TV Series: ‘Life is Beautiful’ and ‘Cinema Paradiso’
Food: Octupus salad
Brings a Smile: My cat, Chronos, and walking around Lisbon

What did you thought a contact center would be like?
I thought it would be terrible. I can remember it clearly, during the interview I thought “I’m staying for one month and I’m out of here”. I had a short-lived experience, before going to college, on a “really bad example” of a call center. I thought all would be more or less like that one.

Typical day in the project?
I knew I would have a telephone, customers calling and not much more. I felt like a dog who had just been shown a card trick.

Work environment?
It was amazing. For the worst possible personal reason – totally unrelated to the job itself – I found true friends, companionship, help, team spirit, fun! It was a gigantic project (over 300 people) in 3 different languages. I was on the french team but the environment among all teams was excellent

So how is it, then, to work at a contact center?
Everything is different! I had this depressing view… let’s face it, the general idea is a rather negative one; no one says they want to be a Call Center agent or even that they work at a Call Center, yet the possibilities that one gets inside a well organized, professional company are endless. I had no idea about all sorts of tasks and departments that my company is made of.
I would honestly like for all those that start on this role to think about the fact that picking up calls is as important as properly attending a client face to face – be it a luxury shop or the grocery store next door, on an airplane, at a bank, etc. We are the face of the company and I assure you that customer satisfaction is not just to solve their problems but also in the smile you can hear on the other side of the phone.
I’m lucky enough to do what I like every day and to work with an extraordinary team; many of my work colleagues are my friends too.

Career progression?
That’s a topic mentioned on my interview that I was really doubtful about, as I thought it was just lip-service: meritocracy.
I think I’ve had an atypical progression, as in a fast one, but it did happen and I’m living proof of it! I worked for three months at a gaming project for Zenimax and one day the project’s ACM (Assistant Call Center Manager) asked me if I would be interested in joining the french recruitment team for – allegedly – a short period of time. I agreed, obviously! I had an interview over the phone (what else? This is, after all, a Call Center…) with the current HR manager, and started the following week.
I worked for a few months on the french team, then went on to the multilingual one and I’m now part of the ROW (Rest of the World) team.
Two years and four months have gone by; all I can say is that I found one of my passions.

Future plans?
I know I want to continue working in HR. I found my passion, contacting people is extraordinary, I’ve learned a lot with the agents I’ve been recruiting throughout these two years.
I know the future will move towards that path – to work with a strong human factor, regardless of the position. If possible, that’s what I want to continue doing.

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