The 10 Best Bars In Athens, Greece



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The capital city of Greece, the birthplace of the European spirit and democracy, is home to about half of the country’s population and attracts millions of tourists every year. Ηere you will be able to admire the Acropolis, the Roman Agora, wander around the picturesque narrow streets of Monastiraki and enjoy the view from Mount Lycabettus. As you will find out in the following below, Athens’ nightlife is equally fascinating, vivid and dynamic. We present you the top 10 bars in the city.


Osterman is a stylish bar-restaurant with an elegant French-style aura in the hipster haven of Agia Irini square. Open from early in the morning, it serves coffee and sandwiches, while from 1 p.m. it serves cooked meals from a rich catalog of options, as well as a fixed menu. At night the jazz music, the soft lighting, the cool mood and the high quality drinks (the options range from great Greek wines to cocktails and premium drinks) compose an enticing atmosphere that will keep you until late.

Address & telephone number: Osterman, 10 Agia Irini square, Athens, Greece, +30 21 0324 3331

Lord Hu

This recently established cafe-bar is located in a picturesque and beautiful detached house Ano Petralona, close to the eponymous metro station. Lord Hu is a beautifully decorated place with bright green painted walls, traditional chairs and tables and a quiet yard. Some of the greatest creations of the bar include the homemade sangria, the light deep purple cocktail, the 2Spicy and, of course, the traditional (and, beware, strong!) raki.

Address & telephone number: Lord Hu, 14 Iperionos street, Athens, Greece, +30 21 0342 3972


Spirtokouto is another bar located in the vivid area of Ano Petralona, close to Gazi. Even though bars pop up all the time in this area, this one’s quite special with unique decoration, alternative music, live DJ sets, acoustic live sets, parties and clothes bazaars. Cheap drinks, a great atmosphere and cool music are just some aspects of Spirtokouto’s identity that guarantee endless fun.

Address & telephone number: Spirtokouto, 15 Kiriadon street, Athens, Greece, +30 21 0346 2689

Baba Au Rum

One of the first cocktail spots in Athens, Baba Au Rum follows a philosophy based on rum, as you can tell by its name. Its interior space is small but interestingly shaped, with furniture from the 50s and the 60s, while you can also sit on the small tables outside. Thanasis Prounarous and the team of Baba Au Rum concoct fantastic cocktails based on rum, homemade syrups and endless imagination. They also offer altered versions of classic drinks, like Bloody Mary and Tomy’s Margarita.

Address & telephone number: Baba Au Rum, 6 Kleitiou street, Athens, Greece, +30 21 1710 9140

CV Distiller

Two years ago, a special bar changed location, from Konstantinoupoleos street in Gazi to Chatzigianni Mexi street. We’re talking about CV Distiller, a bar with warm interior, dark colored walls that serves countless rare whiskey and rum labels. The owners of the place created it with love and care, as a hobby to escape from their daily working routine through cool music, drinks and friends.

Address & telephone number: CV DIstiller, 7 Chatzigianni Mexi street, Athens, Greece, +30 21 0723 1767

Cantina Social

Located on a narrow street, Cantina Social creates a surrealist atmosphere, with small retro tables, chairs and decor in a location that’s surrounded by blocks of flats. The music is great, with interesting live DJ sets, as well as traditional drinks and special cocktails.


Address & telephone number: Cantina Social, 6 Leokoriou street, Athens, Greece, +30 21 0325 1668


Trigono was established in 2010, behind a grocery store in the area of Pagrati. Open from early in the morning, it operates as a cafe, while later on it serves various drinks, tasty tsipouro and delicious snacks whilst guests relax listening to jazz music.

Address & telephone number: Trigono,15 Aminta street, Athens, Greece, +30 210 7243085

Cube Project

Cube Project is a cooperative complex, located in an impressive neoclassical building dating back to 1920 in the area of Kerameikos. After 11 pm it becomes an authentic bar serving wine, raki and drinks at low prices, under the sounds of live DJ sets playing rock, disco, new wave, funk and soul music. During the summer, you will be able to enjoy your drink on a lush terrace with a charming view of the Acropolis.


Address & telephone number: Cube Project, 148 Ermou street, Athens, Greece, +30 21 0346 3552

Bel Ray

Bel Ray is a snack bar located in Koukaki, in the place where a car workshop once stood. This place carries a unique identity, which is clearly reflected in its design and atmosphere, with vintage furniture and special homemade drinks.

Address & telephone number: Bel Ray, 88 Falirou street, Athens, Greece, +30 21 3032 6450

Bios Terrace

The terrace of Bios is open from May until September, attracting many locals and tourists. It offers an amazing view of the Acropolis, as well as cool live music nights, great drinks and cocktails.

Address & telephone number: Bios Terrace, 84 Piraeus street, Athens, Greece, +30 21 0342 5335

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